Tsalung Mindfulness Practice

Tsalung Mindfulness Practice is a compilation of techniques based on the Tibetan Buddhist yoga tradition. Tsalung means Channel and Wind in the Tibetan language. It emphasises healing and then strengthening the the body through body movements, breathing exercises and specific forms of mindfulness practices. The exercises are easy to follow without requiring much effort, making it suitable for people who are physically and energetically worn out due to trauma.  

TMP first focuses its work on the physical condition of the practitioner. It prepares them to develop a non-judgmental awareness of their thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations. This can be helpful for individuals with anxiety and depression. For those suffering from post traumatic stress, it can help heal intrusive thoughts and memories and a sense of helplessness. TMP is taught both in personalised, one-on-one settings and in small groups in person to individuals around Limerick county, Ireland and also in online format through zoom. It’s important to note that once the class schedule, including timing and duration, has been established, it is not recommended to skip or miss any classes. Participants who successfully complete the TMP course, totalling 20 hours of actual teaching, will receive ongoing guidance and follow-up discussions, as agreed upon. For more information and details like fees, and class schedule, please feel free to contact us personally via email in the contact information, or fill out the enquiry form. We extend a warm welcome to individuals who are students, retirees, or working in the field of mental health care, and we are committed to providing special considerations to accommodate their needs. 

Lama rinizin


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