Cultivating Inner Harmony

The art and intersection of counselling,
Mindfulness and applied Buddhism

Lama Rinzin

Lama Rinzin offers a very specific mindfulness practice called Tsalung Mindfulness (TMP) that is used as in intervention for mental health issues. Blending traditional Buddhist wisdom with modern psychology, TMP has proven effective and helped many people find inner peace. 

Lama Rinzin

Lama rinizin

Lama Rinzin Offers

About Lama Rinzin

Born in Bhutan to a lineage family of Buddhist masters, Lama Rinzin is Buddhist teacher, meditation expert and psychological counsellor. He learned ritual, philosophy and meditation from his maternal grandfather and has travelled around India learning about different aspects of healing, natural medicine, yoga and meditation from different traditions. 

In Library of Tibetan works and Archives, he worked as a project coordinator on one of Dalai Lama’s dream project to provide scientific education to Tibetan monastic communities. In 2009, he embarked on a 4-year traditional retreat in the Nepali Himalaya to deepen his knowledge and experience in Buddhist Tantra. 

Lama Rinzin developed TMP after studying western psychology at Padua University, Italy, and after his years of teaching work led him to witness the struggles of people dealing with mental health issues. 

Lama rinizin

What People Say About Us

“I went on one of Lam Rinzin’s TMP courses.  It was wonderful and engaging!”

Klaus Schmid

“Lama Rinzin’s counselling has helped me navigate through some deep grief caused by a bereavement … I couldn’t recommend him enough. I use the techniques I learned from him regularly…. “

Christina Schaf 

“The massage session didn’t just relax me … I felt the mantras heal me emotionally. I wasn’t expecting that, but it was really profound …”

Ann Marie Bauer


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