Home cleansing rituals and blessing 

“Embracing the joy of housewarming parties is akin to those who understand the profound importance of ushering positive energy and crafting a harmonious haven in their new abode. This service caters to the  beautiful souls who recognise that the key to a healthy, prosperous, and successful household begins with a sacred ritual – a cleansing that purifies both space and spirit, accompanied by the soothing mantras and power of heartfelt prayers. It’s not just a housewarming; it’s a celebration of a fresh start filled with boundless potential and blessings.”

Lama rinizin
Lama rinizin

Death Ritual  

“Navigating the loss of a loved one is an emotional journey that calls for proper farewells and closure. In Buddhist tradition, a sacred ritual unfolds, seeking to mend the suffering of the departed’s loved ones and guide the departing soul peacefully into the next world. These rituals can take place in both elaborate or simple, yet deeply meaningful, settings within the family’s home. It’s a profound tribute, a bridge between the living and the departed, weaving threads of sorrow, reverence, and hope” 

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